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Training for Professionals is the largest provider of lettings legislation training across England and Wales. We aim to help and support Letting Agents and Landlords alike with advice on how best to navigate the constantly changing property management landscape. Whether it’s through training courses, consultancy, or model documentation, TFP aims to make property management safer, easier, more compliant and cost effective. Want to know more? 


  • Feb 07

    Government White Paper - Housing

    The long-awaited Housing White Paper was released to the public on 7 February by the Department for Communities and Local Government. This brief summary focuses only some of the key issues for the private rented sector.

    In the foreword, Prime Minister Theresa May reiterates that one of the greatest barriers to building a stronger Britain is the broken housing market. She went on to explain that by building more homes, prices on houses will fall which again will result in a reduction on rent levels for rented property.

    The Government confirms its intention to ban agent fees and hope to bring forward legislation “as soon as Parliamentary time allows”. It also wants to continue building on existing incentives in order to attract major institutional investment in new large-scale housing which is purpose-built for market rent. For these types of build, the Government will work with other organisations to actively promote and encourage three-year tenancies. It will also look closer at how to encourage longer tenancies in private rented property.

    Banning orders to remove rogue landlords will be introduced as suggested in the Housing and Planning Act 2016. Other potential measures under consideration are mandatory electrical checks, client money protection for letting agents and extending mandatory licensing of HMOs. Many of the suggested changes are not really new to the private sector and we will have to await the outcome of the consultation and further legislation. The paper, ‘Fixing our broken housing market’, can be found at bit.ly/HousingWhitePaper2017

  • Dec 01

    Leeds v Broadley

    In a landmark Council Tax case, the Court of Appeal has upheld the use of a tenancy agreement in the same style as the TFP agreement. We changed our agreements in 2010 for a number of reasons, Council Tax being one of them. The point is that if the tenant is granted a periodic agreement (including a statutory periodic tenancy arising) and then leaves the property, the landlord immediately becomes liable for the Council Tax. In this case, the landlord issued a tenancy that included a fixed element and a periodic element (the wording was different but the structure is the same as TFP). Leeds City Council argued that a tenancy had to be either fixed term or periodic, it could not be both. To be valid an agreement must be "certain". For a fixed term agreement it ends at the end of the fixed term and this creates certainty. For a periodic agreement, certainty is created because notice can be given in accordance with the Protection from Eviction Act and common law provisions (generally one month, ending at the end of a period). Leeds argued that by trying to put them together it created uncertainty.

    The court decides that this was a perfectly valid form of agreement, as if there is certainty in the fixed term and there is certainty during the periodic element, there is no reason to feel it creates uncertainty by joining them together. It would amount to saying that one act on its own is lawful, a second act is also lawful, but when together it is not lawful.

    This is a great victory for landlords and confirms the sound logic of the TFP tenancy agreement. Landlords should give thanks to the RLA for taking part in this process and arguing for the landlord's position for the better good of the market.

  • Nov 30

    Update to TFP's Tenancy Agreement pack

    We are pleased to announce that our Tenancy Agreement Pack has been updated to include; revisions to the tenancy agreements to take into account the changes under the Immigration Act 2016, an amended Section 8 notice, updated Council Tax liability letter that takes into account the recent Court of Appeal Decision.  After feedback from clients, we have also taken the opportunity to make the pack more user friendly with less versions of a document and more detailed file names so each document can be easily identified at a glance. Subscribers can download the new version by logging in to their accounts. If you would like to know more about the pack please contact the office on 01258 85 85 85 or email us.

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Found that Darrel was excellent and covered everything I would have been unsure on, I highly recommend him.
— Sophie Colk, Paul Hubbard, LOWESTOFT, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/NOR/Apr16
Attending the courses is invaluable and gives us an edge over other local agents who are not so well informed.
— Barbara Larke, Larkes Estate Agents, GREAT YARMOUTH, Legal Update 2016/NOR/Apr16
Darrel's delivery was engaging, informative and upbeat whilst giving details of really useful information!
— Deborah Faithfull, Watson Property Management, LEEDS, Completing Possession Claims Online/YO/May16
The training courses also provide me with new knowledge, which gives me confidence knowing I am doing my job correctly.
— Jemma McCready, Sandersons Lettings, DARLINGTON, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/NE/May16
Invaluable if you want to run a highly effective & responsible letting company.
— Lisa Abella, Magnet Properties, LUTON, Legal Update 2017 & Tenant Fee Ban Workshop/CL/Feb17
Very engaging and useful day. Every agent should attend at least twice in a year. Great trainers.
— Gina Jo Parry, Move On Rentals, POOLE, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/PO/Jun16
Training for Professionals have given me the knowledge to excel in all business.
— Heidi Weir, Sandersons Lettings, DARLINGTON, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/NE/May16
I could not run my letting agency successfully without these courses.
— Gill Dowling, Dowling Styles Residential Lettings, EAST MOLESEY, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/HE/Apr16
The first course I have been on that every aspect was essential to my job role.
— Lisa Abella, Magnet Properties, LUTON, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/WA/May16
As a newbie to the world of Lettings this course was invaluable in highlighting discussion points back in the office. Highly informative, very friendly trainer and relevant supporting materials/notes - would highly recommend.
— Rebeca Lewis, Cleeve Residential Lettings, CHELTENHAM, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/BR/May16
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