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Training for Professionals are experts in the legislation governing the residential letting market. We aim to help and support Letting Agents and Landlords alike with advice on how best to navigate the constantly changing property management landscape. Whether it’s through training courses, consultancy, or model documentation, TFP aim to make property management safer, easier, more compliant and cost effective.Want to know more? 


  • Jun 15

    Breaking news...Supreme Court Decision

    The Supreme Court has dismissed a claim that the service of a section 21 notice violated article 8 of the ECHR. (As discussed below.)
    The private rented market can breathe a huge sigh of relief...More to follow when more detail is known.

  • Jun 09

    Section 21 - Supreme Court decision due

    The Supreme Court decision on the McDonald v McDonald & Anor case will be made available next Wednesday that could have major consequences upon the ability of landlords/letting agents to use a Section 21 notice to seek possession. This case revolves around the defence by a disabled tenant, that the service of a section 21 notice by the mortgage company (as the landlords had fallen into arrears) was not proportionate action taking into account Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights.  The Court of Appeal has already dismissed the tenants argument but it has now found its way to the highest court in the UK. We'll bring you more details next week.

  • May 23

    Supreme Court decision on disrepair due out soon

    On the 5th May 2016, the Edwards V Kumarasamy case was heard in front of five Supreme Court judges.  This was an appeal to a Court of Appeal decision where it was held that the leasehold landlord was liable to pay compensation to their assured shorthold tenant who had tripped on a communal paving stone in disrepair which led to the bin store areas on a block of flats.  The Court of Appeal judge held that under Section 11 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985, no notice was required and the leasehold landlord became liable for disrepair as soon as it arose (on the presumption that they had the right to inspect the common areas without any notice being given to their tenant).
    The tenant was awarded the sum of £3750 for injuries suffered from the trip on the communal paving stone.  The leasehold landlord obviously felt aggrieved so has defended on the following points being; (1) did an easement in the property give the leasehold landlord sufficient interest to be liable under Section 11, (2) did the communal paving stones form part of the exterior of the property to such an extent it fell under Section 11 and finally (3) did the landlord require notice of the disrepair before becoming liable to the tenant under Section 11.  An interesting case, which can be viewed as a recording on the Supreme Court website and we understand that the decision will be released very shortly.

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Very useful courses. Management forms are worth every penny.
— Heidi Weir, Sandersons Lettings, DARLINGTON, Deregulation Act Masterclass - New Deposit Rules and New Section 21 Rules/NE/Oct15
Training for Professionals have given me the knowledge to excel in all business.
— Heidi Weir, Sandersons Lettings, DARLINGTON, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/NE/May16
The training courses also provide me with new knowledge, which gives me confidence knowing I am doing my job correctly.
— Jemma McCready, Sandersons Lettings, DARLINGTON, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/NE/May16
I could not run my letting agency successfully without these courses.
— Gill Dowling, Dowling Styles Residential Lettings, EAST MOLESEY, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/HE/Apr16
Darrel's delivery was engaging, informative and upbeat whilst giving details of really useful information!
— Deborah Faithfull, Watson Property Management, LEEDS, Completing Possession Claims Online/YO/May16
Found that Darrel was excellent and covered everything I would have been unsure on, I highly recommend him.
— Sophie Colk, Paul Hubbard, LOWESTOFT, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/NOR/Apr16
Great value for money! Attended an ARLA course earlier this year and this was outstanding in comparison.
— Jackie Bradshaw, Anslows Ltd, BRIDGNORTH, Deregulation Act Masterclass - New Deposit Rules and New Section 21 Rules/MA/Nov15
TFP provide my company with confidence and peace of mind by rolling out important legal updates and information. Not to be missed and highly recommended!
— Sue Stocks, Stocks & Co, EXMOUTH, Legal Update 2016/EX/Apr16
Don't tell my competitors how good these courses are!
— Stephen Kimbell, Charles Kimbell , MARKET HARBOROUGH, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/CA/May16
Excellent course, very informative and very good value: a brilliant way of staying ahead of competition.
— Dean Edwards , Welden Property Management Ltd, TIVERTON, Legal Update 2016 and Completing Possession Claims Online/EX/Apr16
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