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  • Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016

    The Renting Homes(Wales) Act 2016 (Commencement No. 2 and Consequential Amendments) Order 2022 
    This order confirms the appointed day of 01 December 2022, section 239 Rent Smart Wales 2016 as to when assured, secure and other tenancies will be know as occupation contracts.
    Please see here for the link to the order.

    The Welsh Government released a statement yesterday evening to confirm Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 that was due to come into force from 15 July 2022, has now been deferred until 01 December 2022. This means tenancy agreements and notice periods will remain the same for the time being. Compliance with the Fitness for Human Habitation requirements will not be required until 01 December 2022. We would however strongly recommend that electrical safety checks are carried out and that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed regardless as this will still be a requirement albeit a bit delayed. It also ensures the landlords are being diligent in ensuring their properties are safe and that they follow Rent Smart Wales best practice.

    Please see below for the links to the written statement 
    English and Welsh


    Five new pieces of regulations have been issued they are -

    The Renting Homes (Supported Standard Contracts) (Supplementary Provisions) (Wales) Regulations 2022. These regulations state what needs to be included into a standard contract which the contract holder must adhere to. Please see here

    The Renting Homes (Supplementary Provisions) (Wales) Regulations 2022. These regulations define the types of contracts which are either, occupation, secure or standard contracts and what is to be included. Please see here for the regulations
    The Renting Homes (Explanatory Information for Written Statements of Occupation Contracts) (Wales) Regulations 2022. These regulations confirm when a written statement should be issued to a contract-holder, how a landlord can obtain the property as well as defines anti social behaviour for the contract holder or anyone that lives in the property or visitors. Please see here for these regulations

    The Renting Homes (Model Written Statements of Contract) (Wales) Regulations 2022. These regulations provide a prescribed written statement for 
    a secure occupation contract, a periodic standard contract and a a fixed term standard occupation contract for a term of less than seven years. Please see here for these regulations

    The Renting Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) (Wales) Regulations 2022. This regulations define what is considered as fitness for human habitation. Also as I read it all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms must be present hardwired and smoke alarms must be hard wired. Also a electrical condition report must be carried out by a qualified person. The report is valid up to 5 years. The landlord must issue a copy of the report to a contract holder within seven days. Please see here for the regulations

    15 July 2022 all tenancies in Wales will default to a social rented it will be a "secure contract" and for private rented tenancy it will be a "standard contract". Landlords must ensure homes are fit for human habitation and any abandoned properties can be repossessed without the need of a court order.
    For the guidance for landlords please see here and the guidance for tenants here


    The Welsh Government have released a written statement which confirms the implementation of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016. This will come into force on 15 July 2022. One of the changes will mean for a six month contract, if the contract-holder is not at fault a landlord cannot serve notice for possession within the first six months, and the notice must be six months.
    Guidance will be released on 14 January but for the meantime please see the written statement here

  • The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022

    Any new tenancy that begins on or after 01 October, landlords must ensure there is a proper working smoke alarm on each floor that has living accommodation.
    Landlord must also ensure for all new and existing tenancies, there is a proper working carbon monoxide alarm for any room that has a fixed combustible appliance (excluding gas cookers). 
    If a tenant reports a faulty alarm, the landlord is required to investigate and repair or replace the alarm if required.
    Please see here for the updated regulations.
    Please see here for the latest guidance.

  • Government White Paper - Housing



    Please see here for the link for the White Paper that was released today.

    Today, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities have published the contents of what is being discussed in Parliament for private and social renters.  
    It includes:
    - Ending the injustice of unfit homes and help protect renters from rising costs,
    - Banning section 21 'no fault' evictions and extend the Decent Homes Standard
    - Ending arbitrary rent review clauses, giving tenants stronger powers to challenge poor practice, unjustified rent increases and enabling tenants to be repaid rent for non-decent homes,
    - Making it illegal for landlords and agents to have blanket bans on renting to families with children or those in receipt of benefits,
    - Giving tenants the right to request a pet, which the landlord must consider and cannot unreasonably refuse.

    Please see the link below which gives further details as to what is being covered. We will update our webpage once the White paper is published.

    The long-awaited Housing White Paper was released to the public on 7 February by the Department for Communities and Local Government. This brief summary focuses only some of the key issues for the private rented sector.

    In the foreword, Prime Minister Theresa May reiterates that one of the greatest barriers to building a stronger Britain is the broken housing market. She went on to explain that by building more homes, prices on houses will fall which again will result in a reduction on rent levels for rented property.

    The Government confirms its intention to ban agent fees and hope to bring forward legislation “as soon as Parliamentary time allows”. It also wants to continue building on existing incentives in order to attract major institutional investment in new large-scale housing which is purpose-built for market rent. For these types of build, the Government will work with other organisations to actively promote and encourage three-year tenancies. It will also look closer at how to encourage longer tenancies in private rented property.

    Banning orders to remove rogue landlords will be introduced as suggested in the Housing and Planning Act 2016. Other potential measures under consideration are mandatory electrical checks, client money protection for letting agents and extending mandatory licensing of HMOs. Many of the suggested changes are not really new to the private sector and we will have to await the outcome of the consultation and further legislation. The paper, ‘Fixing our broken housing market’, can be found at bit.ly/HousingWhitePaper2017

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