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Training for Professionals is the largest provider of lettings legislation training across England and Wales. We aim to help and support Letting Agents and Landlords alike with advice on how best to navigate the constantly changing property management landscape. Whether it’s through training courses, consultancy, or model documentation, TFP aims to make property management safer, easier, more compliant and cost effective. Want to know more? 


  • Jan 10

    Money Laundering Day

    Today is the day the 5th Money Laundering Directive required individual nations to have implemented the 5th Money Laundering Directive. European directives require legislation in each nation whereas European regulations do not, they are directly enforceable. And don't think that in leaving the EU we won't still comply. Firstly because in order to work with Europe they will require the same sort of standards but also because it was the uK who was pressing for better money laundering rules in the first place!

    However, in reality, for the lettings market this really is a "non event". Don't be fooled by reading about letting agents have to register for money laundering and do due diligence on their clients. Indeed this is what the law says, but you have to read the definition of letting agent and this is where it only applies to a letting agent  who is letting a property in excess of 10,000 Euros a month (about £8,300). This will therefore be a tiny percentage of properties and agents. Searching Rightmove for the whole London area and properties over £8,000 a month today (10/1/20) it finds 2,797 properties listed over £8,000 a month. Outside London you find far fewer. The point is that you are not considered to be a letting agent if the rent is under 10,000 Euro.
    For some agents they may already be registered for sales and any money laundering compliance will be a small step. For the vast majority they will not need to do anything different as they simply don't rent any properties over the 10,000 Euro threshold.

  • Dec 24

    Christmas Helpline Hours

    Please note that the Helpline will be open for all normal working hours over the 

    Christmas and New Year break (bank holidays we will be closed)

    Helpline Opening Hours

    9.00am to 5.00pm on the following dates:

    23rd December

    24th December

    27th December

    30th December

    31st December

    We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very 

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  • Nov 27


    As usual Training for Professionals will be running their hugely popular Legal Update course for 2020 after the New Year. This year we have made the decision that it is best run a little later than usual and we felt it would be helpful to explain the reasoning.

    Obviously we have the general election, being held at an unusual time of the year, with a very uncertain outcome. The new Government will then have to organise itself and decide on a legislative program. There are few changes due by April 2020 and we felt we could provide better quality information by delaying the course a couple of months. Therefore, instead of running February/March time we will plan to start a little later. This will ensure we can include the latest updates and will be more likely to know, for example, if the new government will take the regulation of property agents forward and in what form. There is more chance of having an official response to the Section 21 ban consultation and other legislative plans will have become clearer.

    We are aware Money Laundering regulations will change in January 2020 with the implementation of the 5th Money Laundering Directive, having some implications for some lettings agents. However, even these we are waiting for decisions from the Government about the monetary threshold they will choose. We can provide updates on our web site or by email.

    All in all it seemed to us that we could provide a more useful and beneficial course by a small delay and just wanted to reassure you that you had not missed your favourite annual training event, it will just be a little later to make it better.

    Our Welsh Legal Update courses are set to run mid to late February dates and locations to be announced early 2020.

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The course is very informative, well set up and would recommend to any agent. The length of detail gone into means no stone is left unturned. The day flies by. Well worth the money.
— Ally Horncastle, R M English (Yorkshire) Limited, YORK, Legal Update 2019/YO/Mar19
Excellent content as always, all agents should invest!
— Tricia Scott, Acorn Properties, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Legal Update 2019/NE/Mar19
Always very good training. I have attended many courses for CPD purposes, always excellent learning. Essential for our business.
— Jacqui Courtier, Plymouth Homes, PLYMOUTH, Legal Update 2019/PL/Feb19
By far the most informative & comprehensive series of courses available.
— Jeremy Traynor, Traynor & Co, LONDON, Legal Update 2019/CL/Mar19
The course is extremely helpful. Not only do you gain knowledge but courses such as these are an open platform in having your own questions addressed & answered.
— Olivia Whale, Tawe Properties Ltd, LLANELLI, Legal Update 2019 Wales/SW/Jul19
Brilliant and really helpful. Well worth the day's investment.
— Paul Tobias-Gibbins, M & P Estates Ltd, SOUTH OCKENDEN, Legal Update 2019/CL/Mar19
Packed with information, well presented and covers many relevant issues new & old - huge benefit to our agency.
— Glenda Bassett, G B Property Management & Lettings, TAVISTOCK, Legal Update 2019/PL/Feb19
Cut through the jargon jungle and plainly explained confusing legislation.
— Julie Murray, Foy Williams, ABERGAVENNY, Legal Update 2019 Wales/SW/Jul19
Well worth the time and money!
— Edward Harrison, Regent Residential Lettings Ltd, NEW MILTON, Legal Update 2019/SO/Mar19
A real must to keep you up to date with ever-changing regulations.
— Charlotte Murt, Lanhams, ST IVES, Legal Update 2019/PL/Feb19
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