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Training for Professionals is the largest provider of lettings legislation training across England and Wales. We aim to help and support Letting Agents and Landlords alike with advice on how best to navigate the constantly changing property management landscape. Whether it’s through training courses, consultancy, or model documentation, TFP aims to make property management safer, easier, more compliant and cost effective. Want to know more? 


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  • Renters Rights Bill


    What the King’s speech covered for the private rented sector. Here is a brief look at what the Renters Rights Bill will include

    • Abolish section 21 (not fault evictions) but increase clear grounds if the landlord wants possession
    • Landlords cannot unreasonably refuse a tenant’s request for a pet, but they can request pet insurance to cover any damage the pet causes
    • It will be illegal to discriminate against applicants on benefits or those who have children
    • Applying decent homes standard
    • Applying Awaab’s law ensuring properties with damp or mould are addressed within a strict time frame
    • Creating a national database of landlords and their properties

  • Legal Update 2024


    Today is our first Legal Update 2024 course face to face inExeter. Are you attending one of our courses this year? If not you can book thecourse via the link or by calling the office on 01258 85 85 85



    Content of the course

    Renters Reform – Update

    Council Tax Disaggregation

    Right to rent

    Damp & Mould

    Material Information

    Current court cases including  tenant fees, deposit protection and why failure toensure a property was fit for human habitation cost a landlord over £88,000.

  • Court Costs when applying for possession of a property

    As from 1 May 2024, basic county court fee's will increase by 10%. This means the current fee when applying for possession order which is £355 will increase to £391, and the fee for applying for a warrant of possession that is currently £130 will increase to £143.

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If a professional or new to the industry these courses are well worth attending, for up to date information or confirmation you are ding it correctly.
— Sharon Clarke, My Home Direct Ltd, CAMBERLEY, England Legal Update 2024/WI/May24
Nobody knows their stuff better than David - invaluable advice on best practice.
— Lou Fletcher, Piccolo Property Services, WILTON, England Legal Update 2024/WI/May24
Very useful update on a wide range of legal issues that are faced by lettings agents.
— Nigel Stanley, Estates IT Ltd, LONDON, England Legal Update 2024/SE/May24
When legislation is forever changing, you know you can rely on TFP to keep you on the right side of the law.
— Sharon Canning, Move On Rentals, POOLE, England Legal Update 2024/WI/May24
Always provides some useful nuggets of information.
— Dave Cambridge, Hamways Ltd, OXTED, England Legal Update 2024/SE/May24
Precise, concise and well delivered.
— Vash Ratnasingham, IHowz, SUNBURY ON THAMES, England Legal Update 2024/SE/May24
Very informative as usual.
— Tony Twigger, John Payne Estate Agents, COVENTRY, England Legal Update 2024/BI/May24
It is common to see advertising blurb stating "miss this course at your peril" - But this is true with these legal update courses.
— Paul Rogers, Laceys Yeovil Limited, YEOVIL, England Legal Update 2024/EX/Apr24
A lot of useful information well presented.
— Peter Littlewood, IHowz, TONBRIDGE, England Legal Update 2024/SE/May24
It is always valuable to take a day out of the business to focus on legal aspects to ensure your business is operating as well as it can.
— Fiona Parrott, Webbers Property Services Ltd, BARNSTAPLE, England Legal Update 2024/EX/Apr24
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