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Training for Professionals offer a range of courses that can be booked as private 'in-house' courses. If you have five or more staff who need to be trained then this is likely to be more cost-effective than attending our public courses. Plus, booking a private course gives you the opportunity to tailor your training to the specific needs of your business, for example all courses can be altered to beginner, intermediate or advance level. 
We currently offer the courses listed below, but if you can't see what you're looking for please contact us to discuss your requirements. We continually develop new courses and can produce bespoke options, why not give us a call on 01258 85 85 85.

Basic Law for Lettings – 1 day
An ideal introduction to housing law for new agents, or a refresher course for existing agents. This essential course covers:
Pre-Tenancy issues (including; who is the tenant?, heirarchy of law, permissions)
The responsibilities and liabilities of the landlord/letting agent (including; HHSRS, gas safety and HMOs)
Setting up a tenancy (tenancy agreements, deposits, Right to Rent, references and guarantors)
During the tenancy (periodic visits, changing tenancy terms)
Ending a tenancy 

Intermediate Law for Lettings – 1 day
Designed to build on the Basic Law for Lettings course and provides more in depth coverage of important areas of legislation and practice. Amongst the topics included will be:
Tenancy Agreements - special clauses
Changes to Section 21
Grounds for possession & accelerated possession
Overseas landlords
Instructing contractors
Tenants'compensation rights
Abandonment and surrender
Deposit protection 

Repairing Obligations – Half day
Crucial training for all staff who have responsibility for managing repairs and advising landlords of their obligations.This course covers:
Statute Legislation 
Common Law Position 
Contractual Position 
Defective Premises Act 1972 
HMO Management Regulations

Understanding HMOs – Half day
This half day course gives a good understanding of why & when a property is classified as an HMO, covering: 
Licensing of HMO’s
HMO General Information
Management of HMO Regulations
Amenity Standards
Register of Licences and Management Orders
First Tier Tribunals (England)
Residential Property Tribunals (Wales)
Law of Agency – Half day
Understand how to secure a safe and legal relationship with your Landlord. This course breaks down the importance of constructing your Agency Agreement/Terms of Business:
Agency Agreement - What must be included
Agency by Estoppel
Your Agency's Limit of Authority - specific and implied
Agent's Duties and Legal Responsibilities
Agent's Legal Rights
Landlord's Legal Rights
Power of Attorney
Avoiding Professional Negligence Claims

Understanding Tenancy Agreements – Half day
Your tenancy agreement is a crucial part of your business. Use the wrong type of agreement and you expose your agency to financial risk as well as potentially damaging your professional reputation. This course is relevant to all members of staff involved in the tenancy agreement process and covers:
Alternative types of agreement
Alternative duration of agreement
The different types of tenancy agreements and how to decide which applies
Housing Act notices; Section 6, Section 8, Section 13 and Section 21
Contractual tenancy notices
End of fixed term
Notice to quit
Break clauses

Understanding Possession Proceedings - Half day
Essential training for all staff who advise landlords or who may be involved with residential possession actions.The topics include:
Protection from Eviction Act 1977
Understanding the Five Ways a Tenancy Can End
Serving Notice - what must be in place
Tenancy Duration
Tenancy Types
Assured Tenancies
Assured 'Secure' Tenancies
Assured Shorthold Tenancies
Contractual Tenancies
Section 21 Notices
Court Proceedings
Fixed Date Action
Accelerated Possession Proceedings
Handling Trespassers
Procedure when the Tenant Wishes to Leave 

End of Tenancy Management – 1 day
Focuses on the the legal and practical issues surrounding end of tenancy management. Covers:
Surrender and Regrant 
Notice To Quit (tenant/agency) 
Serving Notices Correctly 
New Tenancy 
Joint Tenant Changes 
Permitted Occupiers 
Rights in Court 
Statutory Periodic Tenancies
Contractual Periodic Tenancies
Negotiating/ Creating Overlap 
Pre Move Out Checks 
Death of Landlord/Tenant 
Sale of Property 
Mortgage Repossession

Inventories, Deposits & Disputes – 1 day
Covers how inventories, check in and check out procedures should be amended to take into account deposit legislation;
Overview of deposit legislation requirements
Taking inventories
Check in procedures
Mid term visits and documentation
Check out procedures
The use of Photos in inventories
Preparing for dispute resolution

Understanding Inventories – 1 day
This course focuses on the practical aspects of creating inventories, understanding legal definitions and using them in any deposit disputes. 
Avoid deposit disputes with good inventories
Constructing an inventory
Safety Issues
Health & Safety Legislation
Landlord & Agents ‘Care of Duty’
Handling deposits (Housing Act 2004)
Handling deposit return disputes

Legionella Risk Assessment – Half day
An essential course for any property professional who wants to understand Legionella and manage any risk to their property portfolio, covering:
Outline of the Health Safety Executive guidance
Producing and completing a legionella risk assessment
Understanding different water systems and the risk
Practical issues surrounding the daily running of your portfolio and the costs to you or your client. 

General Data Proctection Regs (GDPR) – Half day
A must attend course to avoid fines recorded as 12.4 million for Letting Agent
What is Processing ?
Basis of Processing
What must you do ?

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