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This course was very helpful, although it was a lot of information to take in the information given is all important and there was no time wasted.
— Chloe, Bank House Property Ltd, Legal Update 2019


If you're serious about your letting business this course is a must.
— Gary, Potter & Ford Ltd, Legal Update 2019


Outstanding clear advice.
— Jan, JMW Property Management, Legal Update 2019


Very insightful. David delivered the training extremely well. I would highly recommend this to all agents to keep on top of legislation.
— Stefan, JMW Property Management, Legal Update 2019


Very useful, using terminology we can understand whilst also covering all the points.
— Phoebe, Cobb Amos - Hereford, Legal Update 2019


Well worth the time and money!
— Edward, Regent Residential Lettings Ltd, Legal Update 2019


Very Informative with good 'takeaway' notes.
— Katherine, Purdie & Swan Lettings Ltd, Legal Update 2019


Brilliant course, could only be improved by being able to download David's brain!
— Teresa, Portfolio Property (Lettings) Ltd, Legal Update 2019


Brilliant and really helpful. Well worth the day's investment.
— Paul, M & P Estates Ltd, Legal Update 2019


By far the most informative & comprehensive series of courses available.
— Jeremy, Traynor & Co, Legal Update 2019


A very informative update on the rental industry; past, present and future.
— Rory, Churchill Estates, Legal Update 2019


The course is very informative, well set up and would recommend to any agent. The length of detail gone into means no stone is left unturned. The day flies by. Well worth the money.
— Ally, R M English (Yorkshire) Limited, Legal Update 2019


A thorough legal update breaking down exactly what the law says and how it will be implemented. Delivered by by a clear, to the point, speaker
— Adam, Walker Singleton, Legal Update 2019


Delivered the information really well and manageable to digest easy! Lots of very useful information, would definitely recommend and will be returning to future courses.
— Laura, Four Walls Or More, Legal Update 2019


Great trainer. Information discussed & examples given are extremely valuable and taught well in advance which enables us to put new practices in place before needed.
— Georgina, Lewis Wadsworth, Legal Update 2019


The course was well presented and very informative with lots of examples & case studies provided. David also gave solutions & workarounds to difficult legislation.
— Peter, Belvoir - Sleaford, Legal Update 2019


David always delivers a jargon free presentation on current legislation on current issues, helping us to remain informed and compliant.
— James, Belong, Legal Update 2019


Very informative and well delivered.
— Elisa , Holroyd & Co, Legal Update 2019


The course was invaluable, I will most certainly be coming on your courses again and recommend you to everyone I speak with within the housing sector.
— Jacqueline, Barnsdales, Legal Update 2019


Excellent course. very informative, and very well presented.
— Christine, Lets Relocate Ltd, Legal Update 2019


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