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Excellent presentation as always. Damp and Mould was fascinating - surprisingly scary
— Lou, Piccolo Property Services, Damp and Mould and Serving Notice (full day)


The training is great. It's so informative and engaging. I leave feeling more confident about my job and our company are very grateful for TFP.
— Freya, Charles Peck Ltd, Damp and Mould and Serving Notice (full day)


Very well delivered training.
— Helen, Piccolo Property Services, Damp and Mould and Serving Notice (full day)


Clear and informed advice.
— Paul, Tully & Co, Serving Notice (half day)


The annual legal update is an absolute must for us at Sussex Property Management Ltd. I gasp at the lack of knowledge of some agencies involved in residential rentals. I also shake my head when landlords are unaware of how much law they are breaking.
— Susan, Sussex Property Management, Legal Update 2023


The property management industry is facing ever changing and increasing legislation. As a professional in the field I find the TFP courses informative and interesting. They provide a level detail I have not found with other training providers.
— Emma, Fowler Fortescue, Legal Update 2023


Excellent training courses, well presented & explained very well.
— Tracy, Rees Richards & Partners, Legal Update Wales 2023


Very knowledgeable trainers with first hand experiences in the industry.
— Will, The Holding Company, Legal Update Wales 2023


Up to date information provided in an easily understandable way.
— Rachel, Evenrock T/as Anthony Flint Property Consultants, Legal Update Wales 2023


Well presented and informative course. Highly recommended.
— Garry, Oakfield Property Management, Legal Update Wales 2023


Great in depth knowledge as always with TFP courses. Good real-life examples and discussions.
— Sarah, Morris Marshall & Poole, Legal Update Wales 2023


Informative and potentially money saving advice!
— Leigh, Wingetts Estate Agents and Auctioneers, Legal Update Wales 2023


Really informative course pitched at just the right level. Lots of opportunity to ask questions and thorough answers. Thanks.
— Emma, Wingetts Estate Agents and Auctioneers, Legal Update Wales 2023


Very helpful and educational. Well delivered and clear.
— Hishaam, Bluebay Estate Agents Ltd, Legal Update Wales 2023


Hugely important training, clearly delivered as always
— Fleur, Whitlocks, Legal Update 2022


Very useful course, letting agents need to know so much, these courses help to refresh knowledge and provide new info
— Sybilla, Arkade Property , Legal Update 2022


A very clear and concise course, giving me more confidence with new legislation. David is very engaging and thorough
— Gayl, EHB Residential Ltd, Legal Update 2022


David is always very thorough and provides excellent content in these courses. I thoroughly enjoy TFP courses
— Rachel, EHB Residential Ltd, Legal Update 2022


Stephen is in the top echelon of trainers, patient, clever, likeable and gave very good content. I had both medical and dietary requirements and appreciate the way these were catered for.
— Mike, Vegan Investments/ Michael Sosner Ltd, Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016


Mark and Stephen were great, super helpful, and no question I asked "was stupid"
— Laura, Daniel Matthew Estate Agents, Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016


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