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  • Aug 22/2018

    New Court Forms

    All landlords and agents should be aware that there are new N5B, N5 and N119 Court forms on the Court service web site. The update seems to be about now containing a data protection statement with information about their use of personal data.

    Whilst the change may not be considered significant in the content of the form, there is a very real risk that if you use an out of date form your case could be rejected. Always use the latest forms available from the HMCTS web site.

    The new forms say they were uploaded 13 August 2018 and carry the date 0718 in the footer of the first page. Looking at the update history for the N5B is says the following:

    1. Updated N5B Form.
    2. Updated form N5B.
    3. English version updated
    4. That is a pretty interesting revision history if they have uploaded four versions over 16 days.
    5. The N5B for a property in Wales has not been updated as of today (22/8) and neither has the bilingual version of the N5B for houses in England (contains English and Welsh side by side).
    6. The N325 (application for a bailiff) has not been updated, but this is possibly because long before you come to enforce a judgement you will have issued the N5B so they will already have the privacy information.

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