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  • Jun 29/2018

    New How to Rent Guide

    On the 26th June 2018 the Government launched a new "How to Rent Guide". This is important as this must be given to all new tenants at move in. As a new guide has been issued you must also remember that if a renewal tenancy is signed, the new How to Rent Guide must be issued. This requirement also applies in the situation where a statutory periodic tenancy arises after the fixed term.

    There are some other changes, notifying the tenant of the online benefits calculator, telling tenants to ensure the property has  a licence if this is required, telling tenants of their rights around EPCs, gas safety records and deposits and explaining the requirement for a minimum EPC band E property, or a registered exemption.

    Additionally it has become one of a suite of guides with information now provided for tenants (this guide), two for landlords, one on legislation and one on safety and one for leaseholders. We have long said that landlords would have to raise their game if tenants ever got to understand their rights and these guides may have this effect, if the tenant ever reads them.

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