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  • Mar 14/2016

    The ‘Right to Rent’ experience

    The obligation to check the ‘right to rent’ status of new occupiers came into operation on the 1st February 2016.  From discussions with our clients on the helpline and at courses, it has become clear that most customers have found it relatively easy to include the obligations within their current referencing process as historically passports were already being taken.  Obviously, the onus to check any limited time to rent will not be required until at the earliest the beginning of 2017, so we will report back with any feedback on that process.
    One agent was kind enough to send us a letter from the Landlords Checking Service confirming that an applicant had NO ‘right to rent’.  The letter confirmed the date of the notice, the landlord checking reference number, guidance on other pieces of ID which could be used to prove a ‘right to rent’, along with the consequences to the landlord of allowing someone without the ‘right to rent’ into a rented property.

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