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  • Nov 02/2020

    Right to Rent

    It would be easy to miss it but in the midst of the announcement of the national lockdown the Right to Rent rules have been updated. A helpful Home office factsheet outlining the changes can be found here. It is largely dealing with a new online checking service (not to be confused with the temporary remote checking during Covid-19). For a limited number of applicants (those with specific biometric documentation or part of the EU settlement Scheme) they will be able to use an online version of that information to allow a landlord or agent to check, online, and not have to see the physical document. This mirrors one introduced last year for employers, who have similar "right to work" checks to carry out. Though a really good idea the limitation will be that few people have the right documentation to qualify. they have also made it slightly easier for UK national to prove their status by allowing the sort form of birth or adoption certificate, previously it was only the long form. Further information can be found here

    Whilst not an actual change in the rules, the guidance has been updates to reflect the rules brought in last year for the B5JSSK countries not needing a visa on entry. the guidance also stresses the need not to be discriminatory, probably following the legal challenge they successfully defended.

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