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  • Feb 12/2016

    Foxtons Hidden Fees Accusation – An Update

    Many of you will be familiar with the recent newspaper article on the claim from a landlord that Foxtons were making hidden "income" from invoices conducted on his behalf. The landlord also claimed he was unaware of the levels of fees being charged to his tenant (£420) for services provided for by Foxtons.

    Fast forward a few months, and we understand that the solicitors who are currently acting on the landlords behalf (and at least another 150 landlords) have not started claim action but are awaiting an out of court settlement from Foxtons. Will this ever make it to court? Whatever happens, those of you who attended our Law of Agency course in 2014 will be fully aware that case law supports the position of a "client" where an agent has been involved, who has secretly made a profit from other parties without their "fully informed" consent.

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