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  • Oct 01/2017

    Licensing to come

    At the Conservative party conference in Manchester it has been announced that they plan to bring in a requirement for all private landlords to join an ombudsman scheme and for all letting agents to be licensed.

    They see the advantage of of the ombudsman as being that it will give quick and easy dispute resolutions for issues like repairs and maintenance. This will bring landlords in line with what already happens with the agent market.

    They also suggest that all agents will have to be regulated in order to practice, and that the regulation would include minimum training requirements. and an industry wide code of practice. They do not make it clear about who will do the regulation, it simply says "an appropriate organisation".

    The announcement confirms the intention to ban fees charged to tenants and also suggest that there are discussions with Treasury about incentivising landlords to offer longer tenancies (at least one year). 

    These changes will only apply to England as Wales produce their own housing legislation.

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