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  • May 17/2022

    New Smoke Alarm Regulations

    Draft regulations for The smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendments) Regulations 2022 for England have been released. From 01 October 2022 a landlord will need to ensure that during any period of a tenancy a smoke alarm is on every floor and a carbon monoxide alarm is installed which contains a fixed combustion appliance (excluding a gas cooker).
    If at anytime during the tenancy it is reported one of the alarms is not in proper working order the landlord is required to investigate this and if the alarm is not in proper working order they must repair or replace the alarm
    Please see here for the draft regulations

    DLUHC have announced that the new regulations on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms will be introduced in the Autumn 2022 (obviously subject to unforeseen war and pandemics!)

    These new regulations, for England only, will require carbon monoxide alarms in any room with a fuel burning appliance (not just solid fuel as now), apart from a cooker. It will also require landlords to repair or replace alarms if they stop working.

    We have been lobbying to get more flexibility in the checking of alarms, rather than only on the day of move in. It won't affect safety but will make it easier and cheaper to comply.

    Not relevant to the PRS but the regs are being extended to the social housing sector. The relevance is that there could be quite a lot of demand for alarms in the next few months so planning to get ahead on this would be a wise move, don't leave it till the last minute.

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