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  • Dec 04/2017

    Banning order legislation

    The draft legislation for banning orders for landlords and letting agent has been published. It can be found here.

    These draft regulations are planned to come into force from 6th April 2018.

    The Schedule contains the list of offences proposed to be banning order offences. These include unlawful eviction or harassment, violence to gain entry to a property, not complying with an HHSRS improvement notice or prohibition notice, Offences relating to the licensing and management of HMOs and other properties, breaching overcrowding notices, offences under fire safety, gas safety, right to rent offences, fraud, proceeds of crime offences, anti social behaviour, drugs offences theft offences and proceeds of crime offences.

    The list is lengthy and comprehensive and will, in each case, potentially make a conviction more serious as it could involve a ban.

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