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  • Sep 30/2015

    New Section 21 forms

    On the 29th September the government laid new prescribed forms before parliament that "come into force" on the 30 September. They are not used on the 30th September as they are only needed for new tenancies created after 1 October. These new forms correct an obvious error in para 3 of the form as well as change most of the notes and information on the form. Being a prescribed form it is important to use the new version. The easy way to see if a version of the forms is the new or old version is to look and if the tenant notes are at the top of the form, that is the layout of the new version, the old version having the tenant notes at the bottom.

    This section 21 notice is only used for properties in England. Users of Training for Professionals tenancy agreement can download the new versions of the notice from their account on our website. 

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