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  • Apr 06/2016

    New Prescribed Forms

    From the 6th April 2016 the prescribed forms for section 8 and 13 notices changed for England only. The section 8 changes clarify an ambiguity that has existed since the Deregulation Act changes last Autumn and also some other changes like including the new ground 7A. The old forms, if issued after 6th April 2016 will not be valid so use the new forms.

    The section 13 notice included errors when it was last revised (it cross referenced the wrong notes), this version has corrected those errors and changes some of the other wording (for example "agricultural occupants" has been replaced with "tenants"). Again, use the new version of the form for all rent increases using section 13 from now on.

    Those who subscribe to our model tenancy agreement pack can download the revised notices from your online account.

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