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  • Aug 25/2017

    Identifying and filling the legal gaps exposed by the Grenfell fire

    The University of Bristol has been awarded a grant by Shelter to conduct this research project.  The project team is Dave Cowan (Bristol), Helen Carr (Kent), Ed Kirton-Darling (Kent), and Ed Burtonshaw-Gunn (Bristol).

    Summary of the project

    This research project uses a survey method to address three objectives:

    • To set out clearly the gaps in current legislation which may make housing less safe and/or prevent households from remedying problems
    • To set out where lack of enforcement undermines existing legal protections
    • To identify legal remedies to strengthen protection for tenants.

    We are seeking evidence from renters and owner-occupiers, lawyers, other professionals involved in looking at the conditions of accommodation, and landlords (social and private).  Findings from this research will be used to produce a report for Shelter and other academic work.  This report and other work will not identify you, your household, or your business/place of work.

    At Training for Professionals we have long held that the biggest issue lies in a lack of enforcement and so we are delighted that this is finally being looked at. You can have your say by clicking here.

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