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  • Aug 09/2015

    Tackling rogue landlords and improving the private rental sector

    This is an interesting consultation that says it seeks to find ways of more effectively targeting criminal landlords whilst not necessarily affecting good landlords. We would all support that if it can be made to work. They discuss the dismally low level of fines from the courts and ask what can be done, including suggesting that Rent Repayment Orders (currently only available for not having a licence for a licensable HMO) might be extended to other situations including illegal evictions and extreme property disrepair cases.

    This is a great consultation for landlords and agent to reply to supporting the principle of tougher enforcement on the criminal offenders whilst not catching the good landlords and to throw in some good old practical experience. The consultation can be found here:
    and it closes on the 20 August (for email submissions) and 27 for the online submissions. We started by trying to use the online version but there were too many questions that were just Yes/No type options without allowing any further comment so we ended up sending an email.

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