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  • Jun 14/2018

    New HMO Licensing Regs

    The Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Prescribed Description) (England) Order 2018 amends the description of which propertiesfall within Mandatory Licensing. The previous rule was where five or morepeople from two or more households in a building with three or more storeys.

    The new rules basically leave the people andhouseholds unchanged but require houses in multiple occupation on any number offloors to be licensed. There is an exclusion that if the property is in apurpose built block of flats of three or more flats, then it is not covered bythe requirement to be licensed under Mandatory Licensing.

    This means that if you have five people from two ormore households in a two storey house, this will now fall into mandatorylicensing.

    Transitional provisions clarify that if the property isalready licensed under additional licensing, this licence will continue tillexpiry and the property will not need to re-license

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