Training for Professionals News

  • May 01/2018

    Licensing of agents

    In October 2017 there was a 6 week call for evidence about regulating all agents. On the 1st April 2018 MHCLG release a press release explaining what they see as the way forward.

    This will involve an independent regulator and a standard code of practice for letting and managing agents. Letting agents will have to achieve a recognised  national qualification, presumably all staff as it goes on to say "with at least one person in every organisation required to have a higher qualification". Linked to this will be a requirement for all agents to undertake continuing professional development (a certain amount of training annually) in order to continue to practice.

    A working group will be looking at the proposals with final recommendations expected in early 2019.

    MHCLG have also published the response to the consultation on client money protection with legislation to be brought forward to require membership of schemes and define sanctions (£30,000 civil penalty)

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